Arizona Medical Marijuana Dispensary Locations

The Survival Guide to Medical Marijuana Dispensaries in Arizona, the original and most respected Arizona Dispensary list on the web.

The Mary Jane’s Survival Guide website contains an interactive list of medical marijuana dispensaries in Arizona. Doctors and clinics offering care, services and treatment related to the medicinal use of marijuana in Arizona may also be located through the service. Patients under a physician’s recommendation to use marijuana may access this database via the internet to find the dispensary or physician closest to them. Legal suppliers and medical marijuana doctors in Arizona wishing to add themselves to the list may do so by contacting [advertise]. Please note that the list is public and may be accessed by anyone so that a friend or loved one may search on the patient’s behalf.

To use the marijuana directory, simply choose whether you are searching for clinics or dispensaries. You may elect to investigate within a specific area of Arizona. This site only contains information relevant to the state of Arizona.



Marijuana Dispensaries & Clinics in Arizona has one mission - connect medical marijuana patients with legitimate medical marijuana dispensaries around Arizona. Our focus is ONLY ON LEGALIZED MEDICAL MARIJUANA DISPENSARIES approved by the state of Arizona. While there may be some active compassion clubs and collectives trying to help patients - these facilities are not legal and we do not recommend visiting anything outside of the Arizona Medical Marijuana Act. The AMMA is very clear about who can and cannot transport, sell, distribute and manufacture medical marijuana. Don't be a fool - make sure the dispensary is listed here first. We strive to provide a comprehensiv list of approved medical marijuana dispensaries and we hope you mention when visiting or calling their location.

Our Vision

To help all walks of life find the healing power of medicinal cannabis while navigating the complex laws of Arizona. We hope someday we can smoke peacefully and at our own discourse - giving the power to the people. Legalize it - that's our vision. What's yours?